Sound Design Portfolio

Watchmen: Music Score and Sound Design Demo Reel

I have deleted all sounds from original video to create a new version which is used o demonstrate my Compositional, Arranging and Sound Design skills. I wrote a score and created Sound effects for this Trailer. All you can hear is my original work.

Wolfenstein: New Order Sound Design Demo Reel 

I was Inspired by the “Wolfenstein: New Order” game, so I decided to remake all sound effects in this trailer. This is my Sound Design Demo Reel. I removed all original sound from the trailer and created my own version to demonstrate my Sound Design skills. I have used multiple libraries, my own recordings,various synths and different modulation techniques (stretching, pitching, sampling…) to create and implement all sounds that you hear in this trailer. Track that you can hear in the end of the trailer is my original work as well. Track is called – “Last Legend Of Entire Universe” by Pencilbxx

Salvation Army- Simple Dreams – Sound redo

I Have Scored music and made Sound Design for this Video

Sound Design Compilation

Animation and video game sound redo